A Guide to Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Do you have a swimming pool that is partially or entirely enclosed? Have you noticed condensation on your windows and a strong smell of chlorine in the air? If so, chances are good that you have an improper dehumidifier and ventilation in your poolroom area. 

Owning an indoor swimming pool can provide many hours of enjoyment for your family and friends. Besides the initial construction expenses, maintaining an indoor swimming pool can be expensive. You can save lots of money on energy costs by following valuable energy saving tips such as using a swimming pool dehumidifier and a correctly sized circulation pump.

This also applies to more than only private indoor swimming pools. Health clubs, spas and gymnasiums can all suffer from the ill effects of an overly-humid interior environment. Too much moisture in the air may lead to mold and mildew growth, as well as a host of health problems for sensitive persons. If you own or manage an indoor water area, you absolutely must obtain a proper swimming pool dehumidifier.

The climate surrounding an indoor swimming pool is very moisture laden. Indoor pools and spas continuously produce large quantities of water vapor through the evaporation process. At DehumidifiersUK we offer the most extensive selection of swimming pool dehumidifiers of any online site in the UK.

Picture the water surface of your pool as a large humidifier capable of adding significant amounts of moisture to your poolroom whenever the dew point of the air is less than the water temperature. This is referred to as surface condensation. 
It is important to keep the pool water temperature lower than the air temperature. If not, you are going to have additional energy costs because the pool is heating the room space. This will also create inevitable moisture problems. You should follow the recommended standard for relative humidity by maintaining a RH level between 50%-60%.

Increase your Swimming Pool's lifespan

Without effective swimming pool dehumidifiers and ventilation systems, you risk the appearance of mould, corrosion, structural damage and an uncomfortable pool environment. Along with a properly sized swimming pool dehumidifier, it should be emphasized that some form of ventilation is essential, regardless of your poolroom design. 
When air leakage carries water vapor into walls and ceilings, it is called interstitial condensation. This type of concealed condensation causes poolroom deterioration in the form of corrosion.
Warm, moist air combined with chlorine from pool chemicals attacks ferrous metals and accelerates damaging corrosion.  As the chlorine-laden water vapor permeates the walls of your poolroom, it will start to deteriorate cement blocks, mortar joints, and bricks. All metal objects, including doors and light fixtures, are subject to chlorine-induced corrosion.

The Eco Air D950e is able to extract up to sixty litres of water from the air per day. It can be set to run at all times, or only when the built-in humidistat tells it to. The D950e may stand on a floor or be mounted to a wall. This is an ideal dehumidifier for a private indoor pool area.

If you need to maintain optimum humidity levels at a large public swimming pool, you may want something like the Meaco 800i wall mounted commercial and swimming pool dehumidifier.

The Meaco 800i can extract up to 148 litres of atmospheric moisture every twenty-four hours. The Meaco 800i is strong enough and effective enough to be the perfect humidity solution for practically any size indoor pool area. You can also learn more about the benefits of a swimming pool dehumidifier here.

When you are shopping for a swimming pool dehumidifier, look for features like constant drainage and an automatic restarter. Chances are, you will not be checking the status of your dehumidifier often, so an automatic restart feature may come in very handy. If the electricity is disrupted, your swimming pool dehumidifier will return to operational mode as soon as the power comes back on.

A humidistat is also a good feature to watch for. Tell it to turn on the dehumidifier any time the relative humidity reaches a determined level. Relative humidity in excess of fifty-five percent can be problematic.

We offer excellent humidity control systems at very fair prices. Our listed prices include VAT and free shipping to the UK mainland. If you have any questions, please email our customer service team at sales@dehumidifiersuk.com.