A Guide to Portable Dehumidifiers

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Too much humidity in your home is never a good thing. That's why we stock and sell a magnificent variety of humidifiers for residential use.

Whether you require a compressor unit, a desiccant unit or a portable dehumidifier, DehumidifiersUK is the perfect place to find it. We offer world-class products for very fair prices. We offer a solid warranty on everything we sell, and our customer service is unmatched in the portable dehumidifier business.

A portable dehumidifier can be the ideal solution to excessive humidity virtually anywhere in your home. A portable dehumidifier is light enough to tote upstairs to a musty attic, and easy to carry down to a damp cellar. We even offer a tiny humidifier that is just the right size to keep the inside of a closet, wardrobe or cabinet dry.

The Prem-I-Air RMDH-09 portable humidifier uses silica to absorb excess moisture from a small enclosed space. At a mere £30.67 delivered, the Prem-I-Air is a bargain, especially when you consider that it may protect your clothes and other valuable items.

If you need to maintain proper humidity levels in a room, the Eco Air DD122FW-Mk4 portable dehumidifier may be the unit you want. This attractive, portable dehumidifier is able to collect seven litres of atmospheric moisture per day. For a larger space, you should check out the Provic P XDRY Deluxe 10L desiccant dehumidifier.

The Provic P XDRY Deluxe can absorb up to ten litres of airborne moisture per day. If you need to remove excess moisture from the air in a large commercial space, you will be happy to know that DehumidifiersUK offers a fine selection of portable and fixed dehumidifiers that are appropriate for business, commercial, classroom or industrial use.

If you do hand laundry at home, place a portable dehumidifier in the room where you dry them, and your damp things will dry much quicker. An air dryer can keep any place much drier than it would be without one. Many of our customers use a portable dehumidifier to keep the interior of their boat nice and dry. Some use a dehumidifier to prevent the inside of their vacation home from becoming too humid while they are away.

Any place that tends to become overly humid can benefit from the placement and use of a proper dehumidifying air dryer.