A Guide to Garage Dehumidifiers

If nothing but the best will do for your car, tools, motorbike, or stored goods then leaving them in a cold, damp garage over the winter is a seriously bad idea. Rust starts eating into metal, mildew grows on seats, and carpets and cardboard storage boxes go soggy.
Workshops or garages with large gaps around the windows and doors are the worst affected. Yet even well sealed buildings can be a problem and the moisture on a wet car can hang around for days but not if you use a dehumidifier. These dry the air and help ensure your car and kit survive the wet winter unscathed.
No matter how convenient or compact a dehumidifier is, above all it has to dry the air. If your garage is unheated then you will need to choose a dehumidifier that will continue to work at cooler temperatures. This means that you will need either a compressor powered dehumidifier that has hot gas defrost or a desiccant unit that will work irrespective of the temperature. A basic compressor driven unit will be ineffective in temperatures below 15 degrees centigrade.
Handy features to have on a garage dehumidifier are auto restart and continuous drain off facility so that you do not need to continually check and empty the unit.
Auto restart means that after a power failure or power cut the unit will start back up automatically and continue to run at the same setting it was running at prior to the cut in power rather than going into standby and having to be manually reset. It also means that the unit can be left running on a plug timer if required which can be useful as it provides even greater flexibility of use than just the inbuilt timer and variable humidity level that can be adjusted by the built in humidistat.
Continuous drain off means that rather than just collecting the extracted moisture in a holding tank there is option to drain off the moisture through a small hose which can be fed into a sink, drain point or seperate holding tank.
We recommend desiccant absorbtion dehumidifiers for use in garages as the are so much more effective than compressor driven units in lower temperatures.
In addition desiccant absorption dehumidifiers have the ability to lower the Relative Humidty to 40% or lower, which is below the rusting point of metal, which means that your car, motorbike, tools etc will be protected from rust.

Our best selling garage dehumidifier is the Eco Air DD322FW SIMPLE at £189 including VAT and delivery.