A Guide to Cellar Dehumidifiers

Why use a cellar dehumidifer?

Cellars, by their very nature and location, tend to be cooler than the above ground rooms in a property. Therefore we recommend desiccant dehumidifiers for cellars as they work well in any temperatures whereas compressor driven units only work well in temperatures above 20 degrees.

What Dehumidifiersuk recommend

Due to the fact that desiccant dehumidifiers are unaffected by temperature they are much more effective at extracting mositure in any real world scenario than a compressor driven unit.
Desiccant units are rated in test conditions at a temperature of 20 degrees centigrade and a relative humidity of 60% which is in contrast to compressor driven units that are all rated in test conditions at a temperature of 30 degrees centigrade and a relative humidity of 80%.
In more realistic environments the actual performance of a compressor driven dehumidifier will be much lower than the nominal rated performance under test conditions as their performance is affected dramatically by changes in temperature. Ultimately in temperatures below around 12 degrees centigrade a basic compressor driven unit will essentially stop extracting moisture.
For example, in a more real world scenario of 27 degrees centigrade temperature and 60% RH (relative humidiity), as opposed to the rated test condition of 30 degrees and 80% RH, a compressor driven unit with a rated capacity of 10 litres per day will in reality tend to only draw 5.6 litres; and a unit rated at 16 litres will draw 8 litres. 
As the temperature drops further then the performance of a compressor driven unit will tail off significantly: even at 21 degrees centigrade temperature and 60% RH (which is a more realistic domestic scenario) the unit rated at 10 litres per day will in reality only draw around 3 litres and the unit rated at 16 litres will only draw around 5.5 litres.
This is in stark contrast to the desiccant dehumidifier that will continue to extract its maximum rated capacity irrespective of the temperature.

Power consumption of a cellar dehumidifier
Although the power consumption per hour of a desiccant unit may be slightly higher than a compressor driven unit, in reality it will be much cheaper to run as it will be running for a much shorter period of time to achieve the same net result as the compressor unit as it will extract the mositure much more quickly.

Desiccant units are also smaller, lighter, quieter and more robust than compressor units. The desiccants have no consumable components and the lifespan of a unit is around 20 years which is more than a compressor unit.

Our best selling cellar / basement dehumidifier is the Eco Air DD322FW SIMPLE at £189 including VAT and delivery.