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Best Dehumidifier

Choosing the Right Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers create a more balanced environment in a home, reducing moisture in the air in the summer and winter and can:
  • Prevent mold growth
  • increase room temperatures
  • Stop cold drafts
  • Dry washing faster
  • Eliminate condensation
  • Eliminates musty smells
  • Helps maintain a healthier home environment
A dehumidifier works by pulling warm air in and collecting its moisture. When the warm air being pulled in touches the cold coil in the dehumidifier the water in the air condenses, forms on the coils and then falls in to the collection bucket at the bottom of the appliance. Then the air runs over a hot coil which brings the air back up to room temperature before blowing it back into the room.

What kind of humidifier should you use?

Brands like Meaco offer a wide range of home dehumidifiers.
  • Mini Rechargeable Dehumidifiers

    For use in small spaces where larger units are not practical, like in cupboards, wardrobes, storage boxes, or in a boat or a motorhome.
  • Small Home Dehumidifiers

    For drying just one room
  • Medium Sized

     For medium to large properties and the cheapest way to extract moisture in a warm house.
  • Commercial Dehumidifiers

    For damp problems caused by floods like a burst pipe or faulty washing machine. Also good for very large houses.
  • Desiccant

    Use a special humidity-absorbing material which is charged to drive off humidity by heating the material and attaching it to a moving belt during the cycling operation.
  • Electronic

    Also called Peltier heat pump and condenses water vapor from the air to generate cool surfaces.
  • Ionic Membrane

    Can be used as an ionic pump to move humidity in or out of an sealed enclosure where maintenance is difficult.
Names to look for when buying quality dehumidifiers include:


A British company supplying dehumidifiers since 1991 to Europe and South Africa. Browse Meaco dehumidifiers here. 


A manufacturer and supplier of air treatment products such as dehumidifier, heat pump air conditioning, portable air conditioning and air purifier for the UK and European market. Browse Ecoair dehumidifiers here.


World leaders in dehumidifier technology and design since its formation in 1973. With a history stemming back nearly 40 years, Ebac has been the UK's leading brand, protecting homes from humidity, damp and condensation, as well as relieving allergies and ailments such as Arthritis. Browse Ebac dehumidifiers here. 


The world leader in electric heating, offering a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial products. The company’s commitment to innovation has fostered outstanding product development and design excellence. Browse Dimplex dehumidifiers here.

Of course you can find al of these brands right here at Dehumidifiers UK.

We help you find your ideal dehumidifier

Here at, we sell all sorts of dehumidifiers for commercial, residential and industrial use. We stock and sell a fine array of compressor-drive, refrigerant dehumidifiers and quiet, efficient desiccant dehumidifiers, too. Our customers always seem to be glad to do business with us, so we would be hard-pressed to say which is our best dehumidifier. It all depends on where you intend to use your dehumidifier. If all you need to dry out is a small closet, something like our Prem-I-Air RMDH-09 silica wardrobe or cupboard dehumidifier might be the best dehumidifier. It only costs around £30.00, and it's rechargeable. This little Prem-I-Air will keep the inside of a closet, wardrobe or cabinet nice and dry. Thirty pounds is a small investment to protect your valuable clothes and other personal belongings.

If you do hand laundry at home, the Ebac Powerdri 15 litre per day capacity portable laundry dryer may be the best dehumidifier to suit your purposes. It's easy to roll the Ebac Powerdri to wherever you need it. The Ebac Powerdri is very quiet. It may be hooked up to a drain, so you don't have to worry about disposing of the extracted water vapour. If you do collect and dump it, please know that it will be so-called "grey" water, and it should not ever be given to children or pets. You may, of course, water your houseplants with grey water.

If you wish to maintain optimum relative humidity in your whole house, something like our very popular Eco Air ECO20LDK 20 litre per day ultra quiet portable domestic dehumidifier could be the best dehumidifier for you. This Eco Air dehumidifier looks beautiful and runs extremely quietly. It weighs in at a slim 12kg, so it's simple and easy to move it from room to room. If it shuts off due to cold, (not likely), an automatic defrost feature will have it back up and running in no time. The twenty-litre-per-day capacity makes the Eco Air ECO20LDK the best dehumidifier for a five-bedroom house.

Here at DehumidifiersUK, we stock and sell a nice selection of compressor and desiccant domestic dehumidifiers for all kinds of indoor spaces. We sell quality dehumidifiers for residential, commercial and leisure use. We sell dehumidifiers by such name makers as Amcor, Broughton, Calorex, Creda, Delonghi, Dri-Eaz, Ebac and Eco Air. If you need a dehumidifier for your house, cellar, garage or laundry room, DehumidifiersUK is the place to get it. Tell us what you need, and we will tell you which is the best dehumidifier to fit your requirements. Our listed prices include delivery and VAT, so there is never a surprise when you pay for your order. Give DehumidifiersUK a call on 0800 324 7830 during normal hours of business. If you are reading this in the middle of the night, please send your comments to us at


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